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Collages; I wish I could touch you and you know what I know now

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I've been pretty depressed, so I got busy, keeping myself busy with something so the depression wouldn't be felt as terribly, and to keep my mind active through it; active on something else.

I made two collages. I've got about 3-4 more posterboards I can use to do more. And I'm still cutting out of magazines now.

I'll post the pictures. I hope you all will like them. It's mostly words, but a few pictures that mean something to me.

I wish I could touch you all, and you would then know what I know now. I don't feel like typing it all out right now, but I watched quite a few of my Spirit Life Coach's videos on YouTube today. I took sooo many notes! I also listened to a motivational speech by Tony Robbins. I took notes on that. It helped me and my mom. :)

I have a small goal to eventually type it all out, the notes I mean. Such powerful stuff. Many synchronicities all day today,  I was very excited. I'm so thankful when I receive them, because I then know that I'm in alignment with my true purpose. However, I wish the signs were easier to recognize. Some of them anyway.

So anyway, here's my collages. I'll be making more soon.

collage 1.jpg

collage 2.jpg

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