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December 31

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Happy New Year's Eve everybody! 


This is the day to look back and reflect how succesful this year was. What did you learn and what did you experience in 2018? 

Mine was hard. Probably the hardest year this far. Despite all struggle, lots of good things happened as well. Let's have a look at my illness first and then all the good stuff. 

Those of you that don't know, let me remind you I suffer from bipolar disorder, also known as manic depressive. 

I suffered from a mixed episode from January to June. That was horrible and it consumed all my strenght. Having everything at the same time - depression, mania and anxiety is just horrible. It led to crushing and severe depression. I spent a week in a hospital until it turned into mania. Mania lasted about three weeks until I crushed again. I tried to return back to work part-time but I lasted only few weeks before I was hospitalized again. I spent six weeks in hospital where ECT was started. It helped me big time and I returned to home before Christmas. 

In total 2018 included one mixed episode, one mania, two severe depression, two long sick leaves and two periods at psych ward. 

What about all the good stuff? 2018 was also about good stuff. In January I travelled to London with a friend. That was a great trip. In June I was surprised by my husband. He took me to United States. We visited Las Vegas, New York and Washington DC. That was an amazing surprise. In September I travelled to Western Finland with a friend. We went to hiking in a National Park. That was cool. Also in September I made a trip to Estonia with a friend and kids. That was nice. 2018 also included many other smaller trips with the kids. 

Despite of all the trips made and my illness giving me hard time, 2018 was all about learning and growing. 2018 taught me a lot about my illness. I became better terms and acceptance with it. I finally shared my secrets with family and friends. I am not ashamed of my illness anymore. It's part of me and sometimes it gives me hard time. Then I have to focus on getting better and trusting my family to live their everyday life normally. 


How was your 2018?


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That's an impressive amount of travel! How were you able to manage symptoms during the time away? I'm seldom at my best when travelling. It's sleeping in different beds, waking up in the mornings and having to make it places at designated times and dealing with family who become stressed out. I'm curious how you coped, that is if travel is at all difficult given your illness. 

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For me a change of scenery has always helped me to forget about my suffering. I was horrified when I learned about the trip to US because I thought I was too ill to travel. But it turned out allright. I had great two weeks and I crushed right after returning home. But it was worth it. 

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I was concerned before I toured Alaska with friends and family for two weeks in September. I got no sleep, got sick too but I still had a nice time. And as you said, it helped me forget my suffering. I gained perspective on some things, too. 

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Wow, I’m impressed with the both 

of you for being able to travel

away from your home land.  

It’s been a roller coaster for me 

as well but I managed to hold 

down five jobs this year and all 

of them involved working with a lot 

of people and having to be in

charge of these people to make 

sure that the work at hand was 

accomplished in a good setting.

 I watched two of my three kids 

finish college in Agriculture

Engineering and Nursing

Practitioner and the other twin

will finish in Marketing and 

Communication in May of 2019.

It been a good year overall.

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