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The Last Night of the 2018 World!; Sleep; Source Energy; Mysteries of Sight and Sound

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It's almost 2019 world! It feels strange to type it, see it and write it because it seems too futuristic.

I was depressed earlier and it lingers a little now. I know if I sleep tonight, I'll feel better. But I don't want to sleep now. It's 1am and I don't want to sleep. I feel like I have things to do.

The Source Energy - I found out things today. How would we know infinity if we had nothing to compare it to? How could we know good unless we knew evil? We created 'God' to control one another. "If you do this.. God will punish you!". This what I know now. If you read this and don't agree, forgive me if I offend you. 'Jesus' didn't come here to start a religion, yet his 'followers' have began one. Too many people killed in the name of 'God'.

HEY! I got something for you to do.

On your eye, the upper lid, in the corner near your nose... push in on it with your eyes closed. You should see a black circle at the lower right hand side.... move your eye to see the black dot move.

Okay... you see it?

How are we seeing that if our actual eye(s) that we see from, aren't looking at it?

What pair of eyes see it?

Just like, when a song is going through your head constantly,
how are you hearing it without actually hearing it with your physical ears?

What pair of ears hear it?



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