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Laundry; Writing; Daily Routines; Diet; Brother; Money; Guidance; Springtime

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I've been helping mom a lot with laundry lately. I enjoy getting to help. Because a lot of the time, my body hurts and I have to take meds and take it easy and don't get to do what I'd like to get done.
I'll be putting in more today. We need towels done.

I woke up today with the Memoir and/or Autobiography on my mind. It more that I just want to tell what I've learned and the stories that go with them. So maybe that's just a regular book?? I'm not sure so I'll keep researching. I'm used to writing poetry only, or short stories, so this is something new. It's exciting though.

Still, I have not got a daily routine, and I think that's why my day goes haywire sometimes. I guess it would also with a routine as it did when I used to go to school and even when I went to home school, I had a routine of getting up, getting dressed, feeding the dog, getting myself food and drink, watching tv shows, getting on my homework before mom got home from work, getting ready for my nephew to come over, etc. Sometimes he'd stay the night and I'd care for him and put my things aside. I think that's when my routine was interrupted. I have been sporadic with my days ever since. But I don't blame my nephew. It wasn't his fault. He was a great kid. He's very smart and of course still learning even today. He's 19 now. I remember when he was just a little one. Wow the days go by so fast as you get older.

I've still been trying to eat better. Occasionally I have pizza or like this holiday season I've been having turkey and ham, but I like turkey more. I like to dip it in ketchup. My brother made a great Christmas dinner. He's such a great cook. He works a lot and I hope he gets more breaks than he has been getting. Due to circumstances at his house, he does all the cleaning and cooking. All the laundry, dishes (but he's got a dishwasher, we don't), and other cleaning. Once a long time ago, I went to his house to clean for $5. I ended up accidentally putting his pots and pans in different places than he was used to and he called me later saying "where'd you put this??". I didn't mean to. I just though it'd give him more room. I'm glad he wasn't very upset with me about that.

Our money is running low, so I've been having to change brands of everything. I'm buying cheaper pop, which I shouldn't be drinking anyway. I've got juices too, but soon I'll have to drink cheaper of those too. It isn't so bad. I like the store-brand stuff. The only problem is that my fruits are a little expensive. Eating healthy is always expensive. Eating sloppier is inexpensive. I guess that's why a lot of people are unhealthy - not a lot of people have the money to eat healthy! It's ridiculous that it is that way. Only the rich can be healthy...? Hmm. I don't like that.

I haven't been seeing my guiding numbers or words lately. I'm concerned. Maybe the angels have forgotten me? Maybe they think I can do good on my own??? No!!! I need them. I need that reassurance that I'm not alone. I'm always alone except mom and my dog anyway. I know I have my brother, niece and nephew. But they are living their own lives and I understand. If I had a life other than what I have, though, I feel that it'd be more fulfilling. I look forward to the Springtime. I look forward to opening the windows and letting fresh air in. To going out in nature. To sitting under our dogwood. To breathing in fresh air. Cold weather I used to like. But now I like Spring and Fall.

Okay I guess that's all for now. If I need to get more out of my head I'll write again later. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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