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Comfortable; Memoir; Eyesight; Med Change; Doc

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I"m currently trying to get comfortable in bed here. My thumb is huge because of a bandage. The thumb nail got dumb, I bashed it a while back and it's coming out of the bruising and all.

IT's the thumb I use to make spaces between words.

I've been having trouble seeing lately. Much trouble. I need to see my eye doc I guess.

I've been slowly working on my poems, and memoir, and reading some great books.

I got a new medication today but I"ve been on it before. Invega. I hated Abilify. I've been on Invega before and it went pretty well.

I still hate all the side effects of all meds.

I've been lazy today sleeping a lot but had to see doc this morning. I wasn't any good there. He noted my unshaved beard and not making eye contact. I had some indigestion issues in the middle of the night last night and had to take care of it. I lost about 3 hours sleep.

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