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Adulting is something I do not want to do today.  That is all....

I have to go adult in about five minutes.....

Don't make me adult.....

But I don't wanna adult!

I wanna stay home and play with my dragons and my angels and my super-soldiers! 

Here, see?  Wouldn't playing with angels be more fun?

(LOL, typical Misha Collins craziness)

MishaTrans.jpg.f70fcb6886da4dc692dd49218531a0a2.jpg   MishaTwirlWhosLineSkit.gif.a682787afecd9510a4863118f69e5221.gif


Oh, all right....

I'll go adult...

 But I'm not gonna' like it....


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Not to put too fine of a point on it, but adulting SUCKS!

Say...maybe this is a point of conversation. Maybe we get depressed because as adults, we are made to do stuff that sucks. All of the time.

Yeah, as kids our parents bossed us around and that sucked too. But they were trying to force us to be more like adults...conditioning us for the hell that would soon be upon us.

I dunno, that's probably just crazy talk.

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