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Blessedly Short Week....

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On a positive note, this is a blessedly short week for me at work, even though it is my turn to work this weekend. Yeah, not all weekend, just Saturday half day. Then we get to be closed for New Year's. 

I am really clinging to those short weeks, those holidays and days I'm able to take off. It's gotten significantly easier since positive feedback from my higher ups a few weeks ago.  And I am really lucky to have a 'Monday - Friday' office job.  I could be slogging it out in a warehouse, alternately freezing my buns off or sweating it out, depending on the season.  (yay wild Oklahoma weather).  In many ways, I would actually rather be doing that.  Because warehouse jobs don't have anything to do with customer service - the only getting along you have to do is with co-workers. Which is a lot different than trying to satisfy the general public and being cheerful and professional while being slammed.  So I'm literally taking it one day at a time...

And I've stalled out on my newest fanfiction set.  I was working on a mashup of Supernatural (cable series) and Doom (the movie).  But I've had to do so many restarts due to poor planning on my part that I can't feel it anymore.  And if I can't feel it, I can't make anyone else feel it.  Ya feel me?  LOL. 

So I've gone back to planning my book idea.  It's still very loose.  My idea is changing quite a lot in some ways (from a pre-industrial, almost medieval setting to either modern day or slightly into the future) and barely any in other ways (thar be dragons still, but the size varies though the attributes do not).   I may end up working with a more modern or futuristic setting because the world building - as in, my own entire world - is really stumping me.  I'm just not detailed enough or smart enough to get enough of the right places fleshed out.  I know it doesn't have to be complete, but it has to complete enough for me to refer to it like I do my own actual world/history. 

I wish I could draw.... I'd draw you my characters so you can see them. Dean O'Gorman (as Fili in Peter Jackson's Hobbit movie trilogy) reminds me a lot of one of them, though he's a little too tall. I really wish I could get past the world building and put this the way I want to.  Who knows, I may end up with a future setting on  my own world.  You wouldn't believe how many moving parts there are when you start thinking about how you would form a world, or even just a government.  Climate, flora, fauna... doesn't seem like it would have much to do with government, but really it has a lot to do with it.  Take Oklahoma for instance.  Tons of water, and we are highly dependent on both farming and the fossil fuel industry.... Each state in the US has a slightly different combo to work with, even within the Midwestern US.  We all have roughly the same system of government, but there is still quite a lot of variety there.

This one kind of illustrates roughly some of the problems that arise when flying dragons are part of a modern urban environment... not to mention, can you imagine what the US military complex would do?  Caged, hunted, experimented on.... Gads.... even if they were sentient (which mine are) it's a nightmare to try and figure out....




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Hi Twenty,

I don't know anything about fan fiction, but maybe a bit about fiction writing.  As I understand it you'll be using fan characters, and that takes a lot of the weight off.  Just a suggestion.  You might try thinking about the world your characters walk around in and fill in the cosmos in smaller bites, as needed.  In Bladerunner for example, Harrison spends time at a noodle stand, in A Clockwork Orange, Alex and his droogs hang at the Moloko Milk Bar.  How do they get around?  Many SciFi movies are set in a near future because it's cheaper to construct, change up a few cars by adding some sheet armor, beef up the bars on store front windows.  Same for writing, imagine the environment your characters interact in. 

The big idea may be a shortage of air, as in the Schwarzenegger series.  So the environment is enclosed to allow people to live and flourish on Mars.  Other buildings, cars, trees, and all the furniture of the future will be easier to construct if you think from the story, character view.  It gives you a starting point.  The differences between a normal world, and the imagined need not be big, only relevant to the requirements of the story and the needs of the protagonist. 

Anyway, thinking from a different direction might give you a kick.  What type of apartment does your hero live in?  What do your dragons eat?  Where do they get what they eat?  How does the population protect itself from the dragons? 

Think small instead of big.

Hope this might help,




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Thanks!  I'll keep it in mind.  One of the problems I'm having with the fan fiction is that I don't feel like the characters are the characters - they are my version of them, which I guess is natural?  And they all still sort of sound the same, you know?  Maybe it's me, I don't know.  My other problem with my fan fiction is the plotting, and thinking through what is going to happen, and the consequences of those events. 

IE, I've had several re-writes on my latest fanfiction.  I am picking up Doom right after the movie ends (Doom=fire fight on Mars and at an underground transit point; spoilers- everyone dies) and eventually integrating Supernatural characters.  The situation at the end of Doom is still 'hot' because we are in a battle zone smack in the middle of Area 51.  I initially had my character escaping on foot over rough desert terrain in a future situation with search drones and GPS tracking devices built in to soldiers.... yeah, so not realistic, especially with a civilian sister, even if they did take an experimental 'enhancing' drug. Maybe two enhanced elite soldiers, but not if one is an untrained civilian. So I'm on my third or fourth re-working of that, and trying to think ahead to what will happen.  

Maybe I just need to rethink it all....  It was realizing that I might need to re-think everything that had me wondering if I shouldn't be putting all this energy into an original creation.

Sorry to novelize all over you.....   thank you for your kind comments, I always appreciate hearing what you have to say...


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