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Way too coincidental to be a coincidence...

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I was reading more on that Warrior of the Light book.  I wrote down the pages numbers of all the coincidences.

I just gotta tell what it's guiding me to.

Long ago, I asked for Wisdom. I was finally given a good definition of it, and how it related to understanding and knowledge. Then I was noticing everything talked about patience. So I had plenty of opportunities for to practice it. Then I learned about Enlightenment. Peace. Joy.

Then something called Humble Confidence.

And now "Courage" and "Responsibility"

How you feel internally is what you will experience externally.  We attract what we are, not what we want.

I  heard today that everything will be okay. I was worried about something. But now I know it will turn out okay.

Why would they guide me this far just to let me down?

They wouldn't.

I wish I could get ALL my notes together and type them up and put them here. But it would take forever. So I guess instead I'll just start posting as I have been - when it comes to me, I share it.


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