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New Meditation; Quotes; Definition

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I was reading in the book Warrior Of The Light by Paulo Coelho about when the Warrior's path becomes too routine, there's a way to meditate that's good for the soul.

It says that if you can't meditate, repeat one simple word over and over until it will eventually lose it's meaning. (My brother and I done that when we were little, but didn't think anything about it, just thought it was funny how numb you become to something that's repeated over and over.)

Once it loses it's meaning (the word), it will take on an entirely new significance. "God will open the doors and you will find yourself using that simple word to say everything that you wanted to say.

"When he is forced to perform the same task several times, the Warrior uses this tactic and transforms work into prayer."

Too coincidental. I was just in PM with someone who had trouble expressing their feelings and couldn't find the "word(s)" for it.


It may be a small world after all, but it's a much bigger Universe than ever before.

The Universe smiles at synchronicities.

When your dominate thoughts align with your life and become your dominate experience;
the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection;
meaningful coincidences;
a set of coincidences that are meant to be noticed.

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