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Responsibility; Gratitude; Notes I took from a Video

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What you seek, you already have. It's inside you. All along we often go out of ourselves to seek truth and wisdom. But it's inside us.

YOU are the power you are searching for.

Enlightenment is knowing how much you don't know. (Wisdom)

What you believe creates your reality.

Seeking Truth and Wisdom? You're on the right path now.

When you don't want it, that's when it comes.

People always give up right before the magic happens.

What you believe creates your reality.

People who misuse the power won't tell you that the battle is for the hearts and minds and the control your IMAGINATION.

Medea / Media, it controls your mind and imagination. Music too.

Imagination is real thought ideas in the mind, the seed is planted (in pineal glad possibly?) and it will manifest itself because seeds were planted.

Illuminated = Enlightened.

You are creating in the physical realm. You create your own heaven and hell.

Internally you're responsible for what you create.

what ever you focus on grow.

If enough people meditate on something, it actually influences a certain event.



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