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More of my Poems; Audio Poem; Hope you like it

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This is my first poem ever written for the series, and my favorite poem. I won an award for this poem. A Certificate along with a plaque.

A Dancing With Dolls

Electric Mind Symphony:
Swaying to the tune of his own
autumn psychosis.
Yet in the summer field
among the blazing sunflowers
he dances with the doll
kidnapped from loving arms
into the grasp of one
indeed of a great power
but not of love, nor of sound mind.
Invincible, or so he thinks of himself,
and the doll is invisible -
for his sight, and in his eyes only
does she dance.
We’ve observed his ways
and I’ve eluded his hold
but the doll is fragile, meek and trusting.
She weeps for her loss
as he calls her tears
A Valley Of Sorrow.
Adorned full in black
and gray of ash,
his hair is kindled,
flowing long and flickering crimson
as he waltzes with the
unseen porcelain.
Her eyes of glass
and tears of pearls
pleading to cease
but his clock has yet to chime.
And all this time
we perceive from a Looking Glass:
A Strange Distance -
and behold a single presence
dancing alone naked
in human guise at the
midnight hour
in a Sea of Flames.
His hellfire will always be
in a loop of time
but not so the doll;
for one day,
my faith will hold her hand.
I have rendered justice.
His burning is on my mind.
And once she crosses that bridge
his power will come to end.


(My poem is longer than the one read. I had to do it because of copyright. The one you read above is in my book. The one you hear in the audio is the one turned in to the Contest. I also cut out my name from the audio. He said my name and where I was from. I wanted more privacy.)


This next one is pretty good, I think so anyway. 🙂

Brocken Spectre

High Places
Mountains of Old
and Valleys of Oblivion.
Heavens and Earth.
Tall Ones and small children.

Could you
split the sky in two?
Tear the veil of the Heavens?
Roll back the blue and reveal the black and stars?

Create yourself anew?

Are there green screens in the sky to make it look blue?

Stand on a mountain.
What do you see?
Your halo and glowing self.


The son of man took two up with Him to a High Place,
a mountain.

The two with Him saw
the son of man changed.
The law on one side.
The prophet on the other.

But how many went up the mountain? How many?

How many did the two see?




Just a Brocken Spectre
of the magickal mystickal kind.

Have you ever wondered
if this place is replica of a sham, what’s really
out there?


This one got an award when I submitted it in a contest:


The Woman Behind The Man

She was made in his appearance
and his in a God, absent.
His soul was aching
from the depths of the Deep
the shade as a forest night.
She resided without,
knowing she could be
more than,
but suffered less than
and the man was a
fragmented mind.
When God awoke from
His eternal slumber
the man was given uniqueness
and apart from the woman,
he was a new name
a modified gender
but the woman lolled
in his spirit
ever yearning for death,
yet she prevailed
as the thorn on his side.
Though faces change,
the human remains
her body laid to rest.
What once was lost
has never been found
‘til the reflecting pool revealed
the image
of the woman behind the man.


Track 32 - Dancing With Dolls222222222.mp3

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