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How to get rid of Stress, Depression and Anxiety (what helps me)

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Go shopping at markets that carry incense. Pick up your favorite smell, purchase it. Don't forget the incense burner. And lighter or matches.
While you're out,  buy a yoga mat.

Go  home and burn the incense, and place the yoga mat on the floor near a t.v.

If you can get YouTube on your t.v., great! If not, then watch it on your computer/phone/etc.

Search for "ZenLifeRelax", and find a video on their channel. Make sure it is 432Hz. Meditate.


Other places you can find it is at :

PowerThoughtsMeditation / PowerThoughtsMeditation Club

Meditation and Healing

Good Vibes - Binaural Beats

Healing Tones

Inner Light by Brainwave Power Music

Lovemotives Meditation Music

Meditative Mind

Brainwave Power Music

Here are some channels I watch on YouTube that help me a lot:

Your Youniverse
YouAreCreators / 2
You Create Your Reality
Victor Oddo
Vero Verius
Universe Inside You
Tony Robbins
OSHO International
Law Of Attraction Coaching
Jake Ducey
Infinite Waters
Higher Self
Hans Wilhelm
Edge of Wonder
Dauchsy (Meditations)
Aaron Doughty


Some of these you may think are ridiculous. I always look for what message from the Universe ("God") that I can get.

Remember, Heaven is a state of mind. Hell is a state of mind. Be present.

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