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Online Stuff; Elephant and Monkey; Gratitude

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I created a custom shirt, bought it, then had someone else create the same thing, except a little different, and bought that. I also bought myself 2 decks of cards - both inspirational-type. Yes, I splurged. This is my Christmas gift to myself. 🙂

I'll be very happy with it.

My mom bought me an Elephant. Not a real one, but a big fuzzy one. He won't replace Munk Monkey. Munk Monkey will stay on my bed too. I just got a new friend for Munk. And for me too. Toys have always been good for my mental health. I need to give Elephant a name. He can't just be Elephant. I gotta get him a good name.

Depression today is coming and going. I'll be okay for a while, then I'll think about what I'm going to do next, then get the feeling that gave the voice "what's there to be happy about?". I know there are many many things to be happy about. I know I need to be more thankful, especially in fighting the feeling/voice of depression. I think that the Gratitude Attitude can possibly defeat that depression - eventually. I must keep at it though.

What's there to be happy about?

I woke up this morning.

I was breathing this morning.

I can walk.

We have a roof over our heads.

We have food and drink.

We have blankets and pillows, and our own beds.

I have video games, a tv, coloring books, toys, snacks, books, movies, my own room, a closet with clothes.

We can pay our bills.

And lots of other things. That's what to be happy about. That's what to be thankful for.

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Well said my friend we have every reason in the world to be happy 😃 about the life we get to enjoy on a daily basis considering the things that are going on around the world with so many people with no place to call their own 

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