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Affirmations Notes and Humble Confidence

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With humble confidence. With wisdom. With understanding. And applying all I know to be true:

1. I matter.
2. I love myself.
3. I am worthy.
4. I am valuable.
5. I have a great purpose.
6. I came into this world with a gift to share with the world.
7. I deserve to be happy.
8. I am intelligent.
9. I am evolving.
10. I am learning. I know more today than I did yesterday.
11. I am growing mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and I am getting better everyday.
12. I accept myself, even when the world doesn't.
13. I am creating a better life for myself.

Humble: modest; without an excess of pride

Being Humble means putting the needs of another person before your own, and thinking of others before yourself. It also means not drawing attention to yourself, and it can mean acknowledging that you are not always right.

Confidence: the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

 Confidence means full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing: We have every confidence in their ability to succeed. belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance.

I'm always learning. I love learning wisdom.


Today is my first dog's birthday. He would have been 18 today. Instead, he passed when he was 8 years old. He was my doggie-son. I'll never forget him. He was a great dog. He deserved even more than I could give him. He was very loyal, loving, trusting - just always by my side - ALWAYS. I know he loved me. I still love him today; he lives in my memories. I miss him so much. When my grandmother was alive, she once said this while observing him and I: "he worships the ground you walk on". That's how close he was to me; that's how loving he was. He was so smart too.

I'm getting sad. Lump in throat.


I got a book in the mail today that I had put together and ordered. Out of my 20 mini-books on the series of books I'm currently writing, I picked my most favorite poems - two from each book - and compiled it into one book - the title, then part "IV.V", or 4.5. It was an anthology. It turned out to be 200+ pages. I really enjoy putting books together. It gets the stress out in a creative way.

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