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Writers and writing....

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Writers gonna write, write, write, write.......   LOL, me trying to be cool is hilarious.  Trust me.

Once again, it is only 15-20 minutes until I get dressed and leave for work, and here I am blogging.  Not procrastinating at all, nope, not me.

I have been working on a fanfiction mashup of the Doom movie (2005) and the Supernatural series.  I just put a deleted scene out on my chosen platform from the new mashup.

Deleted because I felt like the direction I took wasn't realistic enough, so I posted a scene from that as a 'one shot'.  I haven't heard anything back yet from any readers, but I

only posted it yesterday afternoon, so it's early days yet.  I've really enjoyed writing fanfiction for Supernatural, though I'm not really comfortable sharing my ID here because

I'm not sure how what I've written will be received or impact people, or if they will even care.  I've taken a hiatus of sorts from writing about Castiel Novak and Gabriel Novak,

and John Grimm, and Dean Winchester, and even from writing about the straight Supernatural fanfiction.    I wish I had a picture, I guess I'll have to work on editing one 


KarlUrbanGrimmsMockingjayArthurianAO3.gif.803ed0e095931b63a3dcccc557c71b3f.gif   castiel-is-everyones-favorite-buzzfeed.jpg.fbe22d829fa206b8e3e44493575519d0.jpg   DeanOnly.jpg.ab85f218d07c11af5ff4373e3aeb2f49.jpg  


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Hi Twenty,

Thanks for sharing your passion.  Only passing familiar with Doom, but did play the heck out of the original game, lo those many years ago.  If I remember, one of the oft used "sound" effects was the word, "splat".

I've watched Supernatural for years.  I haven't seen one I've not seen, in a while.  My participation is strictly as a viewer, though I get there is an endless amount of "fan writing" that suggests itself.  For me, Supernatural is the best, long-running fantasy series since Duncan McLeod and "The Immortal".  Between Sam and Dean, most of the fun writing--from show's writers--falls on Dean's side.  He doesn't make excuses for his unabashed and funny  "poon hound" approach to life for example.  Castiel has more dimension than the boys, and I think I heard he's the one who's gotten a couple of Emmys.  Like other series I've hunkered down with over the years, I like to try and identify the episode in my mind after just a brief second or two when tuning in.  Way back-back-back-back, there were print equivalents to your online prose called "fanzines," but they were mainly generally written prose and articles, and not odes to a series or show. 

And the ladies . . .  I think possessed females are the sexiest females ever, though my favorite of all was Dean's free willed wife, Lisa(?).  She also wins the "overwhelming smile" award. 

The Internet is the perfect vehicle I think for "fanfiction."  Keep writing, it's "all" that's required to be one, yeow!


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Another Immortal fan.... I loveloveloved The Immortal series..... I wish Netflix had it, sigh.  Tell me your thoughts on Firefly and the movie Serenity?  (wish it was longer)

Writing is more of 'who/what' I am than something I do, does that make sense? Work is what I do, writing is who I am.  As far as women of Supernatural, I loved Lisa too because she didn't take Dean's crap.  I also loved Meg, and Charlie.  Charlie is great. 

Anyway, thank you for being so kind. 


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