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He was a narcissist!



In my incessant ruminating tonight, it occurred to me, like a lightbulb turning on, that he is a narcissist. 100% narcissistic. It became so clear. It felt like putting the last piece in the puzzle.

Even still, after all this time, I feel awful about everything and for putting my health and well-being first. I know I should be proud of myself, but I just feel bad. 

So I'm writing this to remind myself that he is absolutely a narcissist, and I should be focusing on myself and my future and not all the bad memories and feelings over the years. Because I know I'll forget... probably by tomorrow morning.


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Dear velvet -- narcissists are the WORST!!!!! I've dealt with several, have been in a relationship with several, & they're impossible!!!! Omg! Please do not feel bad for putting yourself and your own needs first. That must happen and is very important! With a narc, they always come first, and you are always on the sidelines, at best!!! So, please don't feel guilty -- it's necessary, especially after a relationship with someone like this. Do take good good care of yourself... it is much needed after an experience like that -- many many hugs!! 

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Everything I've read points to my ex being a narcissist too. But I still feel guilty for getting out of there...in spite of the fact that I had become suicidal from living with her.

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