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The Darkest Time



Sunday evening is the worst time for me. I start worrying about Monday morning at work more and more with each passing moment. I used to drink heavily on Sunday evenings, which made Monday mornings even worse. At least I don't have to experience that anymore. But the dread of the coming work day fills my mind and wrecks the waning Sunday. It's now dark outside and that is reflected inside me as well.

Work makes me feel wholly inadequate. I try to act like I'm in control but just under my thin veneer, I'm quaking in my boots. My boss intimidates the hell out of me. I want to stand up to him but I dare not. Just the sound of his voice or hearing him cough down the hall clenches my guts and drives up my heart rate. It seems absurd but that is how it goes for me.



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Your boss sounds like a command and control type. I always held those sort of managers in contempt. They never inspire anybody, they think they're doing the job by terrifying their employees when ultimately their antics make workers concentrate less on their actual work and think less about pleasing their actual customers. All for the sad purpose of indulging one individual's self-image of being "a tough boss" - which can never be satisfied.

Ultimately, these managers are responsible for quite a bit of employee turnover. "Employees don't quit their jobs, they quit their boss" is a warning that's been uttered by countless business professionals. Sadly, the message "This is a business and we can no longer afford to support your ego and our bottom line" isn't communicated. Not until legal action is taken.  

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