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Work Woes ~ Reporting Week



It's reporting week at work and then client meetings to review the reports. I am beginning to hate this part of my job. I don't know how long I will stay in this position. Maybe a year at most. I have not learned too much that is new. I am just doing things differently than I have done before.

I am also extremely nervous about massive changes I made to three websites -- they have been declining in traffic and revenue for months, and it's partially or mainly up to me to fix. I am dying to know if revenue went up or down last month and I will find out today once the numbers have been adjusted. ARGH. Work is VERY stressful. I try to take everything in stride, but being responsible for a client's success and revenue online is extremely stressful. At least I get paid very well to be stressed -- one bonus. 

My fiance is also very stressed at his job. Thankfully, we chill after work at home together and relieve our stress. But we both want to win the lottery and get out of our jobs.. badly. Yeah like that's gonna happen! Haha. 

I cannot imagine doing this work my whole life. I think I want to switch directions, but I have no idea what I would do. I would stay within digital marketing because I like it and don't want to lose any salary, but I have no idea what part or aspect I would move into. Writing is appealing, but that pays a lot less. I have no clue! I guess I have time to think about it -  I am only four or five months into this job so It will be a while before I make a move. I just need to be a success somehow until then. 


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21 minutes ago, Floor2017 said:

Hey friend when you will the lottery 

don’t forget us.  We still want to hear 

from you.  🤣  I hope everything goes 

well for you today my friend 

Haha. I wish that would happen, but I would never forget any of you here!!! Thanks so much!!! 

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