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In the 21st century, it's hard to believe we still have coffins. 

They're not very sustainable and they look ridiculously unfair on the already mournful people that have to lug them around. And the final rinse of the religious centrifuge seems like yesterday's pomp.

What was ever the point anyway? Preservation? Then why not vacuum-sealed like the meat thrifty people throw into the back of their freezer? Or be cast in a big slab of epoxy? And be like a coffee table down there in the underworld. 

The Egyptians did set the bar very high and who knows how standards slipped so far.

I should make it clear I'm not plotting my own funeral.

Nope, I wasn't ...aren't...in the tidiest of emotional spaces so I disappeared into the rose garden to give them some love and attention. I did none of that because they were in stunning, spring bloom and look absolutely gorgeous. So i just breathed it in. I thought, when I die, no wooden box for me. I think I would like to be wrapped in silk, be otherwise naked, and cocooned in a tightly bound wicker of climbing roses.

The pall bearers might need really thick gloves. Or draw straws. 

Nevermind, the dead don't care.


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". . . cocooned in a tightly bound wicker of climbing roses."  very nice

". . . cocooned in a tight wicker of climbing roses."  better


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