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Nothing New Under the Sun

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My life is on endless repeat. The same sh!t keeps happening over and over again. Oh sure, it could be much worse...and it probably will be, sooner rather than later.

I wish I could make the change I want to make. But the consequences would be horrendous. See, there I go again--repeating what I've already said thousands of times before. Repeat...repeat...

My usual Sunday afternoon dread has arrived. I'm almost shaking with anxiety about what tomorrow morning will bring at the office.  I'm convinced that I'm living in hell...I wonder what I did in my previous life to land here?

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23 hours ago, 20YearsandCounting said:

For what little it's worth, I hear you.

Well, it's worth quite a bit actually. Thanks!

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I can relate to the Sunday Dread.  Pretty much describes the past six weeks or so with Mom's stuff.

This is gonna sound weird, but The Dread for me might be a sign of progress.  That is, I actually had a little time off to recharge and DID NOT want to go back to all this sh#t.  That's an improvement from carrying it 24/7.  (You've been witness to how crazy I've gotten)

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