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Common Sense Ain't So Common....

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Common sense ain't so common... and I don't have as much of it as I thought I did.  I'm just now getting to a point where most people would have started from. 

Up to now, I've not been monitoring resource usage. Like electricity - I live with Polar Bears who would rather live in Arctic conditions. And that is not cheap when you live in the Midwestern United States, where summer temps of over 105F are a regularity from June through August and frequently into September. TBH, anything under 95F during this time is considered a cold front.

But I'm done with literally driving myself crazy trying to pay for a lifestyle we cannot afford. And I don't mean 'no more fancy clothes' cannot afford. I mean 'I can't buy food' kind of cannot afford. I'm just done.  I've decided I will pay so much every month for the electric, and anything over that my dearest family can find a way to pay for. Because I. Am. Done. I am done dying - not because I object to dying but because I object to dying for no reason - I object to dying for the same plot of ground over and over. I don't mind dying if I'm making progress.

Does that make any sense?  I hope so.






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