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Always With the Struggling....



Sometimes I wonder why I bother. I really do.  Financial worries are hitting me now.  It feels like a paraphrased version of that song 'Did I Shave My Legs For This?' by Deana Carter. 

Did I give up what I like for this? 

I gave it up such a long time ago that I cannot even say what I like anymore.  It just hasn't been relevant to my life for me to think about what I enjoy doing.

Wow. That's  depressing.  No sh**, Sherlock.  You don't say. 

I have no idea what my interests are. No clue whatsoever. Do I like to knit? I have yarn and needles, but haven't tried it yet.

Do I like cross stitch? Sort of, but I'm not detail oriented enough and always mess it up.

Do I like writing?  Yes, and I don't do too bad a job of that.  There are better writers out there, absolutely. But I'm no slouch.

Maybe it would help if I found something I like to do that doesn't have to do with work.

Because right now I feel like a paycheck.  And it s*cks, let me tell you. I feel like the sum total of my worth is what I bring home, and its. Not. Good. Enough. By. Far.

So, maybe something not work related (like writing) will help me feel better about myself.




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