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Avoiding My Series...

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I just realized yesterday that I have been avoiding my favorite series and my favorite character.  For several weeks now.  I haven't worked on the fanfiction based on Castiel and Dean, and I haven't resumed watching Castiel heavy episodes of Supernatural, or even binge-watched and updated myself on the series. 

This is a Serious Harbinger for me.  It's a Sign Of Things To Come.  And it's only September.

It's like you're out deep sea fishing and suddenly there are no fish anywhere, no dolphins, no nothing.  And you know enough to realize that the little fish are gone because The Big Fish Is In The Area.  The one who could Swallow You Whole, Boat And All. 

Something is coming up out of the deep, swimming up from my unconscious mind, I can feel it.  I can feel it like a pressure wave, like when my husband can feel the helicopter from a few miles out even when you can't actually hear it yet. (He was an USAF FAO) 








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I, do understand begin to prepare yourself and try to have you some pick you ups

things laying around that helps you to cope with things when it is out of your norm.

I'm hoping things don't be to difficult for you and Hang in there my friend

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