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October goals

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I've been writing a lot lately. As I have mentioned I'm writng another blog too. These two blogs keep me busy. Most of my days go by writng. Time flies so fast. This has been therapeutic. All these difficult topics.

I enjoy writing so much but I am going back to work soon so I need to manage my time better. Maybe publish posts only two or three times a week. I don't want to exhaust myself. I think writing and working part-time is a perfect match for me. Could it be happiness?

I thought of setting some goals for the next two months. My goals are not probably SMART or serious and professional like they used to be. Achievable and relevant maybe, but maybe not so specific or measurable.

Okay, I am going to state ten goals here. Let's see how well I'll do. I know ten sounds many but I'll probably forget most of my goals so that's why ten.

1. I will only work three days a week as I have agreed on. I won't take extra hours, I won't stay late, I will prioritize healt over work.

2. I will write my blogs part-time, posting less, two or three times a week.

3. I will read at least five books. Reading helps to restore concentration.

4. I will actively search for means to manage and reduce my anxiety, other than drugs.

5. I will go outdoors more.

6. I will eat healthy and at least four times a day.

7. I will see friends as often as I can.

8. I will learn to love myself again and let go of anger and shame.

9. I'll stay with my meds and avoid excessive drinking.

10. I will overcome my fears and spend time in my back yard even if I got hundred panic attacks.


Hmmmm... pretty simple but most of them are a great deal for me.


So what do you think? 


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