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Buggin' Pretty Hard...



I'm on a new (to me) anxiety med, Atarax.  So if you know anything about Atarax, lay it on me.  I might have to start a new thread for it, I couldn't find it on the boards. I'm supposed to take it several times a day, so I'm still working on dosage timing. 

I'm struggling to hold my anxiety down to a very strong 2.5 pushing 3 very hard.  My meds oughta kick in soon.  I think they already have some, since I can type this without too many shaky fingers or even discuss the general need for anxiety meds without being 'triggered'.  I'm going to have to push off and get ready for work soon.  Just recording this since I'm trying to make 'journaling' a regular habit.  It seems to be easier to put a brief note here than it is to write pages and pages in my journal.  As a writer, that stumps me a bit, call me thick, I guess I am. 

Anyway, here's Karl Urban.  I'm currently thinking about a John Grimm/Doom fanfiction, but there is so much to the Doom universe to catch up on, not to mention the games (I can't play video games, it's not pretty when I try).  So I'm thinking of taking the easy way out and maybe trying a Priest fanfiction, not as much material to catch up on.  If you have any advice for research on either of these, lay it on me, man. 





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