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Shouting session



Had a shouting session with my Husband. First one since I came back from my one month trip. He ended the session and just said he needed to go to work. And as usual, I hate myself after that. A good Friend actually brought up about being mindful, and that is actually very good advice, advice which the stupid me didn’t follow through with then. I should have realised sooner that my shouting was going nowhere and achieving nothing. End of the shouting match, I immediately asked him, can we talk again later tonight? Please please please let me be calm by tonight. I need to stop shouting, stop talking, even if it hurts. I should just listen. Listen to what he has to say. Accept that what has happened and there is nothing I can do about the past, except to improve for the future. Please let our talk tonight be a good calm talk where we achieve something good. Please. Control myself. Be mindful on what I’m doing.


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