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Little anxious today

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Yesterday was about deep conversations with both a friend and a doctor. Talking about difficult, even painful, topics. Lots of reasoning. Today was all about forgetting everything in my mind and getting in touch with nature. I don't know about you guys but for me going into woods is very relaxing and therapeutic.

I live in a country where 70% of land is forest so access to green gold is everywhere. Today I walked through some amazing landscapes in a national park but wasn't able to breath deep and feel stress leaving my body. 

I am not sure why I am so anxious. I'm actually little disapointed I couldn't get rid of negative feelings. I've had some depressed thoughts passing my mind. For a brief moment I felt my being here this weekend is pointless. I also felt like I shouldn't be here. But these are just thoughts. We cannot affect our thoughts or feelings but we can affect our actions. Only through actions we can affect thoughts and feelings.

My actions this weekend have only been  positive so why am I still so anxious? It's been a great weekend but I just wished to go home relaxed. 


I am going to share a few more photos with you guys. Next week I'll have more time to focus on writing. Now my thoughts are all over the place probably because I slept very little last night. 






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🙂 a wonderful blog nhaar. I can relate to living in the country and going for walks to connect with nature for self care. I do the same as I too live in the country. I like your pictures it makes your blog enjoyable to read.

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Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you can relate to my experiences. I feel I am truly blessed to be born in northern Europe where nature is part of our everyday life in so many ways. 

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Yes you are right about being blessed. My life is in Western Canada where I see the Rocky Mountains on one side and the rolling foothill on the other.

Some days I would watch the birds in my lilac tree in front of my kitchen window so beautiful and calming. 

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