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Peaceful weekend

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Greetings from my weekend trip! I am having the most amazing time with my friend. We are enjoying a weekend trip without the kids. Lots of w i n e, conversations and nature. Perfect!

I was able to tell my friend honestly about my bipolar disorder. She took it well and I feel good  about she knows the truth now. Okay, some w i n e was included but I was going to tell her anyway. Forgive me my typing bu the way, let's blame drinks.

I met my psychiatrist earlier today. He's really good at his job, I think. Or at least he makes me feel so. I filled in some questionaires and he asked lot of questions. We talked about my week in a hospital, my everyday life and how things are at home with the hubby and the kids. I also brought up the medication and the work issue.

We didn't really share the same point of view but were able to reach a compromise. I wanted to go back to work full time, he thought half-time at first to see how I manage. I wanted to quit Seroquel, he was willing to reduce some. As a result, I will work 60 % for two months. It makes three days a week. Then we'll see if I am able to work full-time. Okay, I will give it a try. It will be hard but I'll try. I usually give 110% and aim higher and higher.

What comes to antipsychotics... well I am not quite happy but I'll try my best on this one too. He wasn't ready to give up on Seroquel except for the morning dosage. We agreed on reducing 100mg a week if manic symptoms won't occure. I wanted to get rid of all. Seroquel is really making my life difficult.

Okay, so we agreed on those two things. Well, semi-agreed. It gives me a great pleasure to have reach some kind of a solution. I don't know whether it's a good solution or not but at least I know where to set my thoughts.

By far this trip has been a lot of talk about my mental health. I wonder how much talk there will be in near future. Will this illness give me a break? Or will it get worse? Is it going to occupy my thoughts or will I find peace?

A few photos...enjoy!







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