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Quiet Days...

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It's been a quiet day.  I took the day off to take my youngest to the doc, but our car is so bad we didn't make it very far out of town before we had to cancel and turn back.  Thankfully it was only a checkup. 

I've been doing my best to keep my mind off of work issues, but having to write out my observations of a recent work incident has kind of made that a challenge. Still, it's been sort of productive.  Dishes are done  -and put up.  Trust me, in our house, that's a big deal, LOL. 

We watched the movie Next Gen on Netflix and I cried at the end.



The robot 7723 ends up deleting his memories so he can re-upload his weapons system and defeat the Big Baddie.  Now that I'm pushing 50, things like Alzheimer's loom on the horizon for either me or my husband (or not at all), and next thing I know I'm bawling a little. Hey, for me that's a big deal.  I never cry.  So it was healing.

And I have to say that the movie strikes me as a thinly veiled reference to Jobs and Wozniak.  And yeah, if you watch it, you'll realize I'm understating it. 

So despite the references to the movie Next Gen, here is a picture of Misha.  Because, well, his name is in the blog title.


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