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Why Does He Love Me So Much?



I cannot figure this out. He says he loves me soooooo much, and more than anyone he's ever known. I have not been feeling great about myself lately, and I wonder what it is about me that he loves so much. I even asked him. He told me valid reasons, reasons which I cannot even embrace right now in my head. He says I'm the greatest person he's ever known... one of the nicest he's ever known, and one of the sweetest. I know I'm a nice person, and I do sweet things for him, but I suppose also given where he's come from -- from the worst possible women -- that anyone nice might look good right now. But I also know in my head that that is my skewed thinking talking right now because I don't feel good.

Guess I gotta work on my self-esteem right now. I feel like a fraud at work, & I don't know what I am doing there. And I don't feel great about my body right now either, which bums me out. I am very weight conscious, but I've gained some weight over the last year. He thinks I look great and very sexy - I don't feel sexy.

And usually, I feel pretty good about myself, but not as of late. That pi**.es me off. I want to feel good about myself. At least he does love me, for the reasons he does. That's something! And I am overall happy..... just wish I felt better about myself.


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