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one day

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 going thru another rut....i have been waking up at 3am the past 3 days and having trouble falling back to sleep. I still walk every morning and evening so I thought that would of helped things but no luck. Ive been skipping the gym cause when that alarm goes off at 5:30 im just too exhausted. 
hanging in there is so tough...it can go either way and its just stressful. i tell myself over and over it will pass in hopes it makes it pass quicker but we shall see.
my parents are getting rid of my childhood swing set that they have stored away...they said that since they arent getting grandchildren why hold on to it. 😕 theres a few other things they are getting rid of too. it breaks my heart and maybe its putting me in this rut...i dont know. 
you know life is sad when you look foward to just writing so you can get some sort of venting out. 
i remind myself that there must be some sort of plan for me in this world....and i just havent found it yet. i try to stay positive that i will figure it out and one day i will look back and say "this hurt, loneliness and sadness was all worth it" I really do hope that day will come
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Hang in there my friend things can always get better we are here for you.

It’s no accident that you are here on this forum you were put on this forum to 

help other sufferers who are going through.  It might not sound like much but you are making a difference in this world.  That alone gives you tremendous value over so many people in this world because you are helping to change lives 

one ☝️ person at a time.  I’m sorry 😐 to 👂 that you are going through 

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It will my friend just remain positive and look 👀 to do something a little different each day to try to improve your situation until you finally put your puzzle together for your life.  Be blessed my friend 

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