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The knight, the princess and the zombies

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A knight was mandated by the king to save the princess locked prisoner in an underground network of caves deep within a mountain.

There he fought and slayed countless foul creatures: minotaurs, beholders, goblins, and even a dragon.

Within the last deepest chamber he found the princess. She was hanging by a rope wrapped around her wrists. Underneath her, a pit. 

The knight approached the chasm. It was dark with a foul smell. Strange noises were coming from it. Using a torch he could discern the movement of rotten, mangled human faces, corrupted hands. The pit was infested by zombies.

As they saw him, they pressed themselves in the direction the knight was.

The knight proceded to untie the princess and drop her safely away from the pit.

The princess said: "Thank you so much! Now let's hurry up and go back to my father's palace!"

The knight was weary after such a hard journey. Somehow he felt compelled by the zombie's appetite for him. Sure, the king would probably appreaciate his service and give him a hefty amount of gold. But these zombies seemed to want him whole. They were ravenously eager to swallow him completely and make him part of them.

He took off his armour, enjoying the removal of such a heavy burden.

The princess said: "What are you doing?"

He said: "You can find the way out yourself, just keep taking the tunnels that are going up. I slayed all the monsters. You will be safe". He then walked to the edge of the pit and jumped. The princess let out a horrified scream.

The knight landed on the zombies, and for a few seconds was floating over the sea of their arms and heads, smiling, with a feeling of letting go, of pure abandonnement.

Soon the zombies started clutching and gripping him down towards the floor of the pit. All he could see was darkness. All he could hear was the raspy frenetic screams of the zombies driven mad by hunger. 

As he was violently shuffled and torn appart the knight was in peace, thinking: "For once in my life I am wanted. Soon I will be part of them, either as chunks in their gut, or as one of them."

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