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No Sleep Later



Been moreorless awake since 3am.. I'm seething with anger for some unknown reason. I want to lash out, punch walls and do loads of things I wouldn't normally want to do to escape. I feel like if I were to have free reign I would be at risk. 

I imagine this is how people get into taking drugs, multiple one night stands and gambling. Anything to escape the thing that's grinding them down the most.

I'm angry, which makes me feel like a danger to myself. I'm irrational and don't give one care about anything or anyone when in this mood. It's nice to feel so carefree but to know it's driven by a deep seeded anger isn't a good thing. I'm so tired, but the anger coursing through my veins keeps me awake.

~ A Troubled Traveller 


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Yes. Booze has traditionally been my escape from everything that troubles me. When I was young, I said I'd never drink. But I turned into an alcoholic anyway.

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Buy you a punching bag to be able to release some of that anger and seek some

professional help before that Monster try to come out of you.  I agree with you those

are not healthy emotions to be having.  However, it is still good to talk about it among

others who might be experiencing similar behaviors. 

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