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WOW ~ REALLY???? This just doesn't happen!



So, now on top of everything else that has been going wonderfully in my life, now, after THREE LONG YEARS of looking for a good job, I am getting a full-time job offer! I am STUNNED and blown away! I am SO used to rejections at this stage! One after another after another I faced during those years. The LAST thing I expected after my last round of interviews was an actual job offer. They haven't extended it yet and probably need to check references first, so I don't want to jynx myself, but I think it's in the bag! AND, I will be getting the salary I want and have earned... well, it's probably still a bit less than my actual market value, but who cares? It's more than I've made so far in life, so that's a good thing.

SO, I've met a wonderful, incredible man who loves me deeply and who wants to marry me, I moved out of my parents' home after four long years, and now, after getting laid off from my three-year job, I have a full-time job offer! All within a matter of months!

HOW does this happen in life?!?! When it rains it pours in both directions???? I am so used to things going wrong, that I expect it! WOW oh WOWEEEEE, I am thrilled!!!! WOOHOO YIPPEEE!!!!


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6 minutes ago, GhostInTheShellx said:

Your story is a beacon of hope for those of us who aren't in a good spot

Aww, I hope so! Life really CAN turn around for the better... I am living proof! HUGS. :hugs:

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