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Tick, Tock

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Like a time bomb waiting to explode. 

I've had a good week or two..energised.. social, confident, lively. Maybe thanks to the Pristiq tablets I've been on for the last 7 weeks or maybe it was something else. 

Today I'm back to feeling my normal self - Reclusive, drained, self conscious, over thinking.. tired, so extremely tired. 

I'm not sure if these tablets have lost their effectiveness or whether I've run myself down with going to the gym using up the new founded energy I had. 

I find myself wanting to sleep all of the time, not wanting to talk to anyone and being insecure once again with limitless over thinking. Maybe I'm beginning to have Bi-polar and this is my downhill spiral after the high I've been enjoying.

I just want to sleep it all off and wake up with that great attitude and energy for life I once had which is already starting to fade away from my awareness. 

We have another trip planned but I'm already starting to worry how I'm going cope if this exhausted mood carries on

~ A Troubled Traveller 

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