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stuck in solitude

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I havent bothered writing in awhile cause ive been at the point of "why bother" its not like it really helps me. i can write til im blue in the face and it doesnt change my situation....still alone. ive been sitting here at work....alone....thinking how i havent spoken to a single "friend" (and i use that term very loosely) in months. 

mothers day was a killer this year as it is every year....all the fb post with pics of kids and the text reading "my world" "my everything" "my loves" and i just scroll through feeling my heart break further and further. 

cant force anyone to be apart of my life....and sitting back and convincing myself "what happens will happens" is making matters worse. 

my birthday is in a few short weeks. last year it was forgotten by my "friends". im not looking forward to it come this year....38 and nothing to show for it.

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((((Hugs))) to you allalone6..

I hear you. I hardly ever post here anymore.. It doesn't really help anymore. The words fall into an ash heap on the page.

I empathize with you 100%



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I feel you. Yeah life sucks basically. That’s why I quit fb. And my birthday was forgotten this year too. Only one person wished me and I guess I am grateful for that. 

Anywayz, Happy Birthday in advance.  It might not be a happy one but I hope it won’t be a horrible one. 

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