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Buspar: the missing piece



I'm on 10 mg of Buspar for anxiety. I think that I've found something that really works. For months, my therapy group told me that I had anxiety. I eventually had my doctor put me on Klonopin. It had no effect on me. Maybe it helped with sleep. I had heard it was addictive, but it did nothing at all. There was no difference between taking it and not taking it.

I told my doctor that, and she gave me a low dose of Buspar (10 mg; 15 mg is the recommended amount to take) and my mood changed in about a week. It's like hypomania without the horrible irritation that occurs when things go south. I get hypomanic on Prednisone and Wellbutrin, but that manic feeling is punctuated by random bursts of rage and impatience. This is not like that at all. A veil has been lifted. The sky is unclouded after long time.


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