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A Long Due Update



It's been two years since my last blog here. Not sure if I'll be sticking around for long this time but just thought I'd check out the site and leave an update in case anyone's interested.

In a previous blog entry I was discussing how I was getting fed up of group therapy. Well since then I have gone into one-to-one therapy and acquired several new diagnosis. Following this I transferred onto a psychotherapist and since September 2017 I have been at a private college that helps vulnerable adults. I have passed MVQ courses for Level 1 and 2 in Fashion & Textiles. Soon I will be moving onto Graphics though I am finding it difficult to move to a different department due to the relationships I formed in the prior course.

I now also have a work coach who is assigned specifically to those with mental health disability. Future goals are now to work towards a career in being a Creative Writing & Media Studies tutor for vulnerable adults. I'm currently volunteering to run a minor Writing group on Fridays for a few of the students at my college. Despite only a few attendees I am finding it useful to practise my techniques, form a new portfolio of sessions, and find what people really enjoy. I now also host and organise another local writing group that I've been attending for several years. I ended up volunteering at the college simply because I was trying to draft some fellow students to the local group but they were put off by being around strangers; and somehow it's now seemingly leading to a career.

For those interested my current diagnoses are as follows:

Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, OCD, and BPD (/EUPD).

I consider myself having 'borderline Aspergers' as I was tested for Autism and was only two marks away. Dyslexia also seems likely though I have yet to be tested due to its expenses.

I have come to realise since that Aspergers and Dyslexia symptoms could be part of the BPD and other things. It's all pretty blurry but hey I'm constantly learning more about myself, understanding myself, and with the help of medical professionals and the tutors and students at my college I am coming to forgive myself for my issues and know how to deal with issues better.

I hope anyone reading this is doing okay and is able to look back on things and accept that they have made some progress over the years, no matter how difficult that may be to see at times.

~ Cheerio


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It's great to hear from you again!  It sounds like things are starting to come together for you; awesome!  I'm glad you are finding a place for yourself.  Miss seeing you around, but I'm glad it's for such a great reason. 

Cheers, mate. :thumbsup:

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