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Wet Tuesday

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Have noticed that if you forget to PUBLISH an entry in a blog and then go and do it after you have published other entires, they get all out of order. So reading my BLOG might confuse people . Oh well, if you're confused, so am I. TC went kind of ok today. I've got into a kind of 'Hide the Shortbread' game with another TC member. The amount of shortbread we go through is large, cos now its no longer just me eating the shortbread. Shortbread is gooood. Imagine Homer Simpson rubbing belly. I hid one packet, so that there would be at least one packet left after all the others have been eaten. S. tried to find the hidden packet, but I had it hidden in the tub of teabags. Easy to find really, but after she found that packet, she hid all the rest. I found them in just a few minutes. Amazing what makes me happy these days. Shortbread. And its Walkers Shortbread, the BEST. :tounge: ======Got angry today at the end of day meeting. Can't say what about, but I was fizzing. Time was called and I zoomed out of the room and through the door but had to go back for my brolly. Ruined my exit. Had a few clients at Rosebank today. One went fine other was a bit more difficult. I started to get worried because I felt out of my depth. Rosebank is for people with mental health problems who also may have problems with benefits, housing, debt etc. The group of volunteers try or aim to help sort out peoples problems. But it can be quite anxiety producing. I just hope that I'm doing a good job.

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