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Some Positives

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There's something I have never admitted to anyone, not on here nor in relationships (apart from my current partner). Something unnecessary yet so embarrassing and very inconvenient in daily life but even more so when travelling like myself.
A quick google search shows apparently a fair few people have also have suffered this in their life time, mainly when they are children but sometimes it carries on into their adulthood. 
I won't go into it but I'm happy to say I've finally overcome this small yet so significant anxiety that has really had a hold of me for far too many years. Now that I've gotten over 'it', it'll make my daily life so much easier and comfortable. 

No, it won't fix all my issues but hell it's one less to have to worry about. 

Me and my partner also had a talk. I explained how I was feeling, she explained how she was feeling and we both agreed to be more supportive of each other. 
We have been very close since this talk. 

Right now, I love the way we are. But I am aware that it's not good to try not to hold on so tightly to this feeling. The tighter you attempt to hold onto happiness, the quicker you lose grip of it.

At this moment I am happy and a little bit proud of myself. 

~ A Troubled Traveller.

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