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That's me: a freakin' teeter-totter. I am actually pleased that I had some moments of joy today. Hours of joy, even. I don't remember how it started, but I must have already felt somewhat optimistic because I ventured onto Facebook. I think I was looking for a particular photo and ended up finding all these pictures of me and other family members to download to my computer. Then I took the dog for a walk, and that went well so I decided to pick-up my husband from work. After picking him up, we got some food at a local sandwich place (which is quite mediocre and the staff is completely lacking in friendliness, but that's a story for another time...) Then, we stopped at Bed, Bath, & Beyond to get a spice rack as a late Channukah gift for my mother in law. The one we wanted had only the display left in stock, so we got a discount on it on top of our coupon--woo-hoo! Next, since they were in the same shopping center, we went to World Market and Old Navy. Lastly, we stopped at this store called 5 Below which sells everything at, well, $5 and below. For those prices, I got a good little haul, including a pink jacket for my doggie!

So then we took the dog for a quick walk around the neighborhood, followed by some TV watching. I was still feeling good by that point. Sometime between then and now, my body went completely freezing. Like freezing from the inside, to the bone. I'm now wearing a night shirt, one of my husband's big sweatshirts, tights, fuzzy socks, and three blankets and I'm still COLD. What is wrong with me?! I ate today, I had some pleasant conversation with my husband, he even unexpectedly apologized for something...I should be feeling great right now. But I'm really, really cold and kind of blah. When I started this blog, I was even feeling kind of sad, but remembering all the good things that happened today has brought my spirit back up a bit. So now I'm just cold. Oh, well. Things could be worse. Maybe I'll get some sleep tonight and wake up in an even better mood (one can dream...)


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