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I’m dating someone wonderful and amazing!!



I haven’t been on the blogs in a while! For the last 6 or so weeks, I have been dating the most amazing man!! I wrote about him before, but we're very much dating now. He treats me with kindness and respect, he is very funny, very fun, mature, down to earth, spontaneous and adventurous! We enjoy many of the same things and have a TON in common, almost freakishly so. He is creative like I am, he’s in a bluegrass band and sings (he has a great voice!!), he is intelligent, very positive, positive energy and successful. He is also deeply spiritual like I am. He is a nature lover and earthy hippy type, like me. He’s very handsome and adorable at the same time, and I am completely attracted to him. He treats me out a lot, like a true gentleman. We go out dining and see live music together. He dances with me all night, all close, intimate and sexy like. We are kindred spirits and get along amazingly well!

He’s romantic too and likes to woo me and surprise me with surprise dates. The first time he surprised me with a romantic night of ice skating, then we did a festive date at the zoo all lit up and decorated for Christmas. I LOVE surprises!! He treats me to thoughtful, sweet little gifts too! And we’re going skiing over New Years! Our first overnight trip together. I cannot wait!! Every time we hang out, we have sooo much fun!!! I’ve never had this much fun!

I really hope this lasts, but I have a really good feeling about it! There’s been nothing so far that says it won’t. He makes me happy and is healthy for me. I am falling for him!!  

So, that’s my latest and greatest! I am very happy and content. =) =) =)





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