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Dream: neighbor, anger



I'm in my childhood home with my mom and brother. The neighbor comes in and talks to us with disrespect and intimidates us. There is a feeling of powerlessness and of being under the rule of a tyrant. He goes away. I'm by myself and start a rant and scream at a flat tv that contains pictures. I pretend like I'm talking to my father and denounce how he claims to be so high class and superior, yet treated my mom, brother and I like crap. After I'm done ranting to the tv screen I go away and notice I'm even more angry instead of feeling relief.

Interpretation: I've been disrespected by different people lately which made me extremely angry. Instead of talking to them about it, I blocked them on social media and phone lists (represented by the screen). Doing this does not diminish the anger and might even do the opposite. 


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