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Music, Skiing and Nature are my Soul Food



So, music is my greatest passion, especially seeing live music, and second is skiing. Being close to nature is up there, too. There’s something about live music that makes me so very happy and fulfilled. I LOVE to dance. I grew up as a dancer throughout my childhood and teen years.. with ballet and modern dance. My mother is a ballet dancer/teacher. When I get lost in the music and in dancing, I feel happiest. I feel grounded within myself and at peace. I don’t even care if people are watching me, I don’t pay attention except for to how I feel. It’s soul food for me, like skiing is or being in nature… being close to mother earth. All of these things make me happiest, and being happy is KEY in life. So I do whatever makes me feel that way and as much as possible because I like being happy!  

I went to two concerts this weekend, Dead & Company, both nights (Fri and Sun). It was amazing! They played at the Boston Garden where the Bruins play. I learned that the ice is hidden underneath the concrete. Amazing. John Mayer is a brilliant guitarist and vocalist, I don’t care what anyone says. He is a great addition to the band. He’s no Jerry Garcia, but he plays the part well and adds his own unique flavor. Though he dresses kind of funny, lol.

My next big concert is New Years eve... I love having something to look forward to! That and Christmas magic! And snow! The first snowfall is always so magical.. and Christmas is a magical time.  I cannot wait to go skiing this year. Skiing makes me feel like music does… at peace and one with the universe. I hope we get lots of snow!!! And fresh powder! Yay! And there’s nothing like the majestic beauty of the mountains to make you feel one with nature and like life is far grander than our problems.  Ahhh… peace within. That is what we all need.

So, all is good here! More to come…






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