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Oh Hello, Mellow

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Lately my mind feels like it's been on overtime, the clogs just not wanting to stop. Sometimes it's difficult to even pin-point the things I think about. 
I have the tendency in these times to zone out to the point I don't hear people talk or even call to me - Very close to what you may see in movies, muffled noises and then eventually snap back into reality and realize someone is trying to get my attention. 

Tonight, I'm still thoughtful but I feel mellowed out. I like this feeling. I haven't got that 'back to work, Sunday night' feeling that I always get, even though I have work tomorrow. 
It's like my thoughts are still there, but they're currently on hold. Perhaps I'm emotionally exhausted.
Whatever it is, it's a welcomed break nevertheless. 
I'm thinking about the near future, the freedom, the driving into the sunset. It gives me a positive buzz inside of me, it gives me hope. Being out there on the open road makes me feel like I'm apart of something bigger than my boxed in, isolated degrading thoughts. Even if it's just temporary, I'll take it.

I heard from someone once, "always look back from where you've come"..They were on about travelling but personally I think that can be used in more than just one context.

Here's to the future, whatever it may bring.

~ A Troubled Traveller

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