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Had a date, now picking and choosing



Well, I had a first date since my breakup and it was fun! He is very talkative, an interesting conversationalist, and has a lot to offer. He's an incredible artist -- WOW. I LOVE people who are creative, like me. He made a painting for a mutual friend that is Native American. And he made the most amazing painting of Tom Petty, with lyrics and a true portrayal of his face with glasses on. He is from here too. He is very fun and very energetic. I LOVE his spirit and energy. He believes in Karma and higher level spiritual things, as do I. He wants me to do yoga with him and speaks my same language. We connect spiritually. I think I will do yoga with him. And this other dude, we connected too. That date is mid week. There is a third guy too, who has been chasing me for a while but I always said no because of my ex. And someone else too. I know I have a lot to offer someone, so it's a matter of picking and choosing the right partner for ME. I feel like the Bachelorette, with lots of suitors! Hehehee. Too much fun. Tra la la... off I go. Having fun dating again.


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