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South as South Goes



Well, I thought I'd follow up, although now this blog seems like a much dumber idea than it did last night. The 4mg of melatonin I took last night was phenominal. I was shocked, honestly. It probably took me less than an hour to fall asleep, which is amazing for me...like, unheard of. I slept straight through the night and most of the morning, too...11 solid hours. I know better than to get my hopes up about it's continued success...it could have just been that my body and mind were going to shut down anyway. I haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks, so it could potentially just be a coincidence. But I'm taking another 4mg again tonight...if I get two good nights in a row, I'll know for sure I owe it to the melatonin. 


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I hope you find help in melatonine. It could be coincident yes, but let's stay positive.

Do you know what happens to me whenever I post a new entry? Next day I can't even recognize myself in the words I have written. I also feel like the blog is the dumbest idea ever. Actually I was just about to erase the whole blog but then I read your post and it made me think it's the depression talking to me. Writing helps so keep going.

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Thanks for commenting :lookaround: @nhaar I always feel that way too...I usually don't care, because my regular blog is basically my journal, and I honestly don't care if anyone reads it or comments. It's just easier than writing in a notebook lol. But when I have an idea that I'm going to write about a specific problem I have and hope that it helps other people with the same problem...or just to get people talking about it, in case something that gets said helps somebody...well, it never seems to work out, lol. Not on DF anyway, not a lot of interest in solving specific problems, it seems. Maybe I'm just writing in the wrong section..historically, I'm the one that screws my own good ideas up, lol. But thank you for taking the time to make an encouraging comment, that was cool of you :smilingteeth:

@Teddy545 That's been the case for me, too...works pretty well for two, three, sometimes even four days. Then it's just like I build a tolerance and I'm right back to sleepless nights. It's kind of been odd, this go-around...it's been making me feel naturally tired, which is what I was hoping for. I crawl in bed and my mind seems to quiet down on its own fairly quickly and I'm able to drift off. But the melatonin is definitely giving me super strange dreams. Well, they're strange to me...it's things that are bothering me in my subconscious, but stuff I think I don't care about while I'm awake. But then my mind plucks something troubling from itself, and turns it into a long, complex, interesting, and often troubling dream. So when I wake up during the night (which I do anywhere from 5-10 times a night), I get very interested in what I was just dreaming about, and start trying to dissect it and figure out why I'm dreaming of that particular thing. Which, ironically, keeps me awake, lol. If I don't laugh about it, I'll scream...and never stop :veryangry: Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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