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Look, Ma, I'm Normal!



I really don't want to lay around stewing in my own bad thoughts. It crushes me when someone even implies that it's what I'm choosing to do. It's not a choice, only a moron would choose it. I want to be active, useful, and motivated. On the rare occasions I can power through the depression and at least act like I'm those things, I find myself relatively happy. Today I cleaned my room, organized my drawers, washed my clothes and my bedding, actually folded those clothes and replaced the bedding, did a pain in the ass job for my neighbor I've been putting off, and cooked dinner for my grandparents. I even managed to shower and shave after all of that was done, lol. So now I'm feeling comfortable and accomplished, which is kinda sad when I really think about it...wow, I had a day where I was able to act like a normal human being! Well done! But it doesn't change the fact that I'm pleased with myself, and for the first time in weeks, I feel like my exhaustion might actually be stronger than my insomnia, and I have hope - a little - that I'll be able to get something resembling a normal night's sleep tonight. :sleep_1:

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You're totally right to be pleased with yourself! It's the little few wins-a-day that make the day more bearable.. It's only when you compare it to 'the bigger picture' it sort of defiles your small accomplishments of that day, which is seriously difficult to stop sometimes! I don't know about you but on my days off work I can somehow do absolutely nothing all day which doesn't obviously make you feel great.. but on the days off I go out for a walk or do some domestic chores or go gym I feel alot more accomplished!

It's all about the little personal wins that count I think! :) 
Best of luck with the sleep tonight,, 

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