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The climate change and other things



The climate change. Important subject to talk about! No, I am not actually going to write you about that. I am going to tell you what it has got to do with my weekend. I was feeling really down yesterday until it hit me again. Wow! Out of nowhere. In minutes I was loaded with dangerous amount of energy. You all know what that means. No, I didn't cheat on the hubby this time! But I grew a huge interest in the climate change. I decided to become a vegan and found it very important to inform my friends and family about the climate change. I wonder if they found my message odd because I didn't get many responses. But my concern was real.

I feel confident about next week. There is a slight possibility I get to start medication. This week my nurse started to run diagnostics on me. I was interviewed with pages and more pages of questions. Answering all those questions made me realize I really do have some serious issues to deal with in order to continue my life and make it worth living. The tests indicated to bipolar disorder but my nurse was more concerned about my anxiety and two psychotic periods in my life. She promised to get back to me on Monday when she has disgussed about the tests with my doctor.

So keep your fingers crossed! Finally things are going forward.


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Good luck! I hope they get you on the right meds the first time around...seems to happen for females more often for some reason, so here's hoping! I'm still trying to figure out my med situation...12 years later...grrr. But hopefully yours gets sorted right away!  =)

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