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End of the line



What do you have to do to get help ?  Tried asking have jumped through all the hoops tried all the utter bollox suggestions all the useless candy they call medication offered and all to find out that in the end it doesn't even matter as the song says.

Today I went back to the mental health team yet again and met the most condescending b!tch ever to spawn up from hell (oh and some goober on training sat in the corner).  Long story short the only doctor ever to give me a possible answer said he thinks aspergers but neither he nor my GP can make the 'official' diagnosis and after years of trying every antidepressant under the sun my GP can also not prescribe anything above that - both need a psychiatrist.  

But can I see one ?  

Well first it's back through the mental health team apparently, the utterly useless ones that are keeping me spinning between pillar and post all asking the same questions over & over offering no help BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT QUALIFIED TOO and am sorry but being lectured on 'healthy lifestyles' by some of these creatures who probably can't even get to their car without a Green Peace escort for fear of Japanese whaling boats..

So to wrap up after being told am not making her "job easy" by getting frustrated am told it could be aspergers/autism scale or a personality disorder and that she'll put me down to see a psychiatrist BUT HE MIGHT REFUSE TO SEE ME.


Oh and bonus even if it's diagnosed as autism side there's only one support group in the area and it's not great and if it's a personality disorder then there's nothing available at all.

So where do you go what do you do when well and truly no one give a flying fcuk.  


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Hello Ashen,

Welcome to the Blogs.

Some good questions in there.  Of course, if we had answers, we would not be here ourselves.

It does not sound like you have a great "mental health team".  I'd just happy if I had someone effective.  It's got to be a hard job right?  and when I imagine others dealing with me and my sh!t, I only feel sorry for them.  Yea, we could make their lives easy by being completely different people..but it does not work that way.  But maybe we help ourselves by finding a way to work with them?  maybe...

I don't understand the diagnosis part. Maybe I've been here too long.  Just because someone gives a label to my conditions does not automatically make things better.  We still have to deal with the symptoms and manage our health.  A "diagnosis" does not mean simple treatment to me.  But, I can understand the frustration of no diagnosis.  And more importantly, hoping for a diagnosis means that you are still hoping.  Anyone that can still hope has a chance.  (Recently heard of someone who has had headaches for a couple months. They got a brain scan and now know that they have a tumor.  They were laughing.  Laughing because they now know that there is a reason behind the headaches.  Sure, I kinda get that.  Vindication.  Identification.  Etc.   But if this is a bad tumor that is terminal in months, does the diagnosis really help?  If non-malignant, and just something they learn to live with/manage symptoms, that's no different from before.  But, don't listen to me, I'm jaded)


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